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When Rubber Hits the Road: Welcome to Genghis Con

Like most comics, we should start with an origin story.

Genghis Con was conceived on the patio of Grossman’s Tavern in Toronto. Pints in hand, Oliver and I found ourselves in conversation with a friend of a friend who happened to mention he was entering something called the Mongolia Charity Race. This is a thing. It is also, apparently, a 10,000 mile trek across two continents, stretching from England to Mongolia, that takes three to six weeks. Madness, really.

We figured it would make a good setting for a story.

This was in June of 2013. Now, almost exactly two years to the day of that original conversation, we’re ready to get the wheels rolling.

What you see now on this very site are the first six pages of Genghis Con. It’s the start of our heroine Alexis Shrapnel’s journey from down-on-her-luck grifter to… Well, you’ll have to wait and see.

Before flipping over to the first page, some thanks:

Obviously, first and foremost, we’ve got to give it up to Ryan Cole. Without him, this story would just be a bunch of words in a document taking up space in the cloud. Since coming until the project early this year, he’s brought these characters to life in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Every new page that comes in is an eye-opener, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. Right now, he’s the engine that drives Genghis Con. (No pressure, Ryan.)

Second, we have to offer up immense gratitude to Stephanie Celani for building this website. She was instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

Finally, some shout outs to those who have helped things along so far: Thanks to Conor McCreery for taking the time to give us some valuable feedback. Likewise, thanks to Kathleen Gallagher, Kevin Parnell and Mike Marano for their guidance and encouraging words. To Andrew Stevenson, the man behind the Toronto Comics Anthology, for putting us on the same track as Ryan. And going even further back, thanks to Ty Templeton, whose comic writing classes got Oliver and I in the same room.

We realize we’re just starting out here; there are still many, many pages to go. But it feels good to say this: the rubber has finally hit the road.

Enjoy Genghis Con.

– DR.